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Cloud Services Thread, Setting up class lists in Office 365 in Technical; Hi, We are about to move over from using our VLE email (Frogmail) for students to Office 365. One of ...
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    Setting up class lists in Office 365


    We are about to move over from using our VLE email (Frogmail) for students to Office 365. One of the major concerns that has been raised is the fact that with Frogmail the class lists could be exported directly from SIMS and set up as distribution groups, but we can't see an obvious way to do this with Office 365. Has anyone come up with a reasonable solution to this?

    Thanks in advance for any input!


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    I think someone like SalmanaderSoft should be able to do it automatically.

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    We were in the exact same situation a few years ago (with Frogmail), except ours is an internal Exchange setup.

    The script I submitted to the RM Neon competition was designed to solve exactly this problem and remains in use at our site. Theoretically it should work for Office 365 as well as you can use PowerShell commands in just the same way. Feel free to PM if you'd like more info.

    That SalamanderSoft thing looks interesting, will take a look...

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