Afternoon All

Ok, so personally I use Google Apps at the moment, though I'm considering moving to the Office 365 Offering simply for the availability of Microsoft Office, but as it stands, I don't have both to compare, so I'm asking a question that came up in discussion with a new client.

I've just signed them up with Office 365 for a single business user to get a new PC they bought through me up and running with Office as they couldn't locate their disks and license, so they asked how to get it done. so I pointed them that way.

Anyway, they're now considering it for the whole team (only a small team) because of the advantages of SkyDrive as well. Their NAS is on it's way out (old Home Media Drive from Iomega I think, single drive, all their data - add panic sequence here) so I was thinking as they don't have a great deal of data, if they were happy to (which they suggested it, so I think they are) move more cloud based, this might be a good thing, however, there is the issue of 2 people opening the same file at the same time and then saving different versions (they're a warehouse, so use spread sheets to manage stock at the moment).

Now, on Google apps, this would be fine as someone else opens the file and they both see the changes that are being made in real time with each other, meaning the spreadsheets and such would never be out of date and it would all be happy happy joy joy, but does Office 365 do the same thing?

I know that for a single person it syncs across devices so you can pick up where you left off and all that, but does it work for multiuser access like Google Apps?

I hope that makes sense? I'm dealing with this between sunning myself and enjoying my birthday week off, so I might not be speaking the most technical language I've ever come out with! lol