Hi all,

One of the students in my school created a Google Presentation using the 'Wave' theme. All of the slides show the theme background when editing, but only the first slide shows the theme background when presenting.

This happens using both Chrome and Firefox. In IE, the slides show the theme background(!) but the transitions/animations don't work.

I have downloaded the presentation as a .pptx and run the slideshow, and the theme background displays on every slide. I then re-uploaded the .pptx to Drive, converted it back to a Google presentation and am having the same problem, only the first slide shows the theme background!

I have applied a different theme, with the same result. Re-applying the 'Wave' theme gets the same result. I have made sure to click the 'apply to all slides' button frequently, but nothing changes.

I've posted this on Google's product forums last week but haven't received any response as yet, so any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.