Hi All,

Sorry for all the acronyms in the title, but I've hit a strange issue with a mix of the 'Microsoft account' log-in.

We have access to O365, not the full version I think (I'm not up to speed on what it encompasses) but access to SKYDRIVE (ONEDRIVE) through our Learning Platform and during the process of gaining access to it we had to re-enter our password for our Learning Platform, but it was on a page saying Microsoft Account...

Today I have tried to access the Volume Licensing Center and it told me I was using the wrong password, after a couple of attempts it dawned on me that it was asking for the password for my Microsoft Account!

Yep you gussed it, it has changed my VLC account password to my VLE password as it is all one big Microsoft Account password.

Not chuffed, not chuffed at all!