Hi All,

Has anyone else tried using sharing of documents within Sky Drive Pro in Office 365 Education A2 plan?

We have, at several schools, tried to share documents that then I would expect to see fairly quickly (maybe not instantaneously but within a few minutes) in another shared users "Shared documents with me" area.

It appears that even though the permissions are changed immediatly and the email link that comes to that shared with user works, actually seeing the file physically in the "Share documents with me" area is somewhat lacking. Sometimes the file does appear after about 2-3 hours, sometimes it doesn't appear at all. Sporadic you might say and next to useless! :@

I believe this is linked to the crawler service, but with a bit of research I found the following: Files shared with me not showing in skydrive - Microsoft Community

It appears MS know about this and it's been an issue for well over a year - pretty poor if this is the case.

Can anyone else test or have any experience of this they can enlighten me with?