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    Windows Azure - Backup [Generally Available]


    I am not sure how many of you on here monitor Windows Azure Services, but I thought you would be interested to know about the general availability of Windows Azure Backup. Windows Azure Backup helps you protect important server data off-site with automated backup to Windows Azure. You can find out more information about this service here: Backup | Windows Azure

    On Pay as you Go, Windows Azure costs £0.16 per GB per month [First 5GB Per Month is Free] until the 30th November 2013, and then after that it will cost you as little as £0.32 per GB per month


    If I use Backup for only a few days a month, is the cost prorated?

    The amount of storage for which you are billed is determined by the compression ratio and the number of backups retained, and the charge for backup storage is prorated daily. For example, if you consistently utilized 20 GB of storage for the first half of the month and none for the second half of the month, your average daily amount of compressed data stored would be 10GB for that month. Since the first 5GB each month is included at no charge, your bill for that month would be $2.50 (5GB x $0.50) for that month.

    Will the number of GB I am charged for be exactly the same as the amount of data I am backing up from my on-premises server?

    No. There are several factors that will impact the amount of storage you are consuming in the Backup service including, but not limited to, compression ratios, the rate at which the data changes, and the number of backup copies you elect to retain in the service.

    If you have any questions, feel free to shout....

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