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Cloud Services Thread, Office365 DirSync & Usernames in Technical; Hi Guys, Not a huge deal but was hoping for some input... I just installed and setup Dirsync between our ...
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    Office365 DirSync & Usernames

    Hi Guys,

    Not a huge deal but was hoping for some input...

    I just installed and setup Dirsync between our AD and Office365 accounts (not keen on setting up ADFS since I can't set it up in a redundant way) and it's working beautifully for the accounts we've already created in O365, the only problem is that our onsite AD usernames are first initial surname (e.g. JBloggs) and our email addresses are joe.bloggs@school.xyz.sch.uk. Is there anyway I can keep our current AD usernames but make Dirsync use the first.last e-mail format? This also breaks automatic login with MS Outlook when setting up accounts etc. As I say, not a huge deal really but I'd like to fix it without renaming all our AD accounts.

    Right now if I make a new user in AD it is created automatically in O365 as JBloggs@school.xyz.sch.uk, rather than joe.bloggs@renhold.beds.sch.uk.

    Many thanks

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    Yes, it's possible to specify a different primary SMTP address to UPN; but the UPN in Office 365 must match the UPN in AD.

    So you could have JBloggs@contoso.edu as the login name, with a primary SMTP as joe.bloggs@contoso.edu.

    In the proxyAddresses attribute in AD, add multiple addresses prefixed by "smtp:", and "SMTP:" for the primary.

    For example you'd have a UPN of JBloggs@contoso.edu, and then proxy addresses:


    Make sense?
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    We've done exactly as @jamesbmarshall says above for our staff who have just gotten married, or needed an alias on their e-mail account.

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    As long as you have the address you want in the email field in ad you'll be fine.

    My ad upn is bsj@domain.co.uk
    And my email is j.Bloggs@domain.co.uk.

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