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    IIS and SSO

    Hello I need help!

    My Network manager has gone off-sick and I've only been in this job for the last 4-5 weeks at a secondary school. We have a network with VLE and website all stored on the same network. Recently we upgraded from edu to outlook 365. Has all been working till now.

    Apparently are SSO went out of date. Have spoken to Microsoft and they have issued us with the replacement .pfx file but have no understanding of IIS and how to update it. I believe I've followed Microsoft's admin guide but it seems to cover new installations not updating existing.

    This is what I've done:

    Scenario "A" Installation

    In this scenario, a studentís Active Directory ID (AD's sAMAccountName attribute value) equals their Windows Live ID. The web portal needs to be configured using the following steps.

    1. Import provided security certificate into LocalComputer\Personal store. Follow the procedure in Appendix A - Security Certificate Installation.
    2. Copy demo-site files to created web-site root directory (for example, "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SSOPortal")
    3. Create and configure a web site for your SSO Portal in IIS. Follow the procedures in Appendix B - Portal Web Site Configuration (IIS).

    Now I've noticed our default IIS is different with multiple directories and sub-directories so I applied the certificate to the whole website which seems to have updated hence this information from the certificate:

    Issues to: (us)

    Issued by: MSIT Machine Auth CA 2

    Valid from 25/06/2013 to 25/06/2015

    I'm guessing its the latest one as no others have new date stamps.

    However when trying to use our email button on our VLE which should take us straight to our email inbox (or after asking for login details) it still says the following:

    The site cannot be authenticated, the certificate provided cannot be verified. The Certificate & Site ID combination for this SSO application is invalid.

    I have reset IIS as well.


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    Did you get this fixed? I set it up originally when it was on Live@Edu before O365. Give me a shout via PM if you haven't already fixed it.

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