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Cloud Services Thread, Office 365 mail not being received in Technical; I am having problems with our SBM's Office 365 account - some mail sent to her account doesn't arrive, and ...
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    Office 365 mail not being received

    I am having problems with our SBM's Office 365 account - some mail sent to her account doesn't arrive, and the sender doesn't get notification that the message hasn't been delivered.

    The problem appears to be with new messages created by a SBM at another school - if she sends a message direct to our SBM the message disappears into the ether, but if she replies to a message our SBM has sent her the message gets through.

    I suspect that the problem may have some connection to our old PSN account. Our mail domain used to be hosted by EMBC before we migrated to Office 365, and the SBM who has problems sending mail to us is still on the EMBC network which makes me think that the system is still trying to route it as internal mail. But I have tried EMBC support and they say that there are no tags left anywhere on their system. Microsoft support is fairly limited, particularly as I'm not able to replicate the problem.

    Just wondered if anyone else has experienced anything similar? Or can suggest any possible solutions.



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    It sounds to me like the person sending the email is maybe using a cached address within the ABK file. Ask that person to delete that address and the type in the Receipients Email Address Manually and then send a mail. If a reply-to mail is working successfully then the EMBC support guys might be correct, because if something did exists then even a reply would go into her old mailbox.

    something to consider anyway.

    If mail was hitting Exchange Online and was unable to be delivered, then you would get a NDR for sure. The only way to prove that the mail that she sent has not been delivered to Exchange Online is by searching for mail using Forefront Online Protection for Exchange which can be found with the Exchange Online Admin Console.


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