Hi, I'm trying to install DIRSync to a freshly installed server 2008 SP2 x64 machine.

I believe it has all requirements, Powershell & .net 3 are added as features.
.net 4 downloaded and installed
.net 3.5 sp1 installed via MS updates
User is a member of administrators, domain admins, enterprise admins, etc.

But I'm getting this error at the end of DIRSync installation;


Failed to install the synchronization service. Try the installation again, and if the error persists, contact technical support. Unable to uninstall Windows Azure Active Directory Sync tool. Use the Control Panel to remove the Directory Sync Tool"

It seems FIM isn't installing? Also several users that should be created aren't.

I've ran this thourhg a few times now, and tried on a different server.

Can't find any info online at all.

Opened a service request with MS last Monday, it's been escalated but no replies - and most certainly no help as yet.

My head is pulling my teeth out wondering where her new email system is and I can't deliver.

I'm assuming there are issues with my AD?

We're not going for SSO, just want to sync users and passwords across.
I've not installed ADFS as I don't think I need to?

Cheers peeps