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Cloud Services Thread, office 365 setup / sso in Technical; The school im in wants to move from lea outlook to office 365. Ive been having a look into this ...
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    office 365 setup / sso

    The school im in wants to move from lea outlook to office 365. Ive been having a look into this now my read is i need a domain name i can point the mx record of at ms and if i want sso need a server thats not a dc for adfs/password syncing that can be seen by the outside world as something like adfs.school.com.

    It also looks like to use sso i need to alter users properties from school.local to school.com in active directory users & computers (which looks fairly simple select a bunch and change upn suffix click ok) I further assume if i have domains and trusts set up with aan alternative upn suffix of school.com i can use my existing spreadsheet to create users by editing the line such that -upn says user@school.com rather than user@school.local and it wont fail

    sorry if these seem like silly questions its just something ive never had to deal with before and i suspect this is just the first school i support that want it doing not the last (i will also be having to migrate e-mail but so far that looks like a dull but easy job involving lots of pst files

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    If you are using the outlook client then it will remember the details once setup for the 1st time.

    You only really need ADFS if you want the students to not have to login each time they use webmail.

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