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Cloud Services Thread, Signing up to Google Apps in Technical; @ pcstru Oddly it is not because of the T&C but has been driven by the schools in a way ...
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    Oddly it is not because of the T&C but has been driven by the schools in a way to keep the experience for the KS1 & 2 users as simple as possible. In fact Google Apps has been put in to most of my primary schools as a way of replacing an expensive website / email system and has been based more around staff requirements, working on docs from home for example, and having a really easy website that actually gets kept up to date by the teachers. Then as the staff have got used to the google system and played they ended up under their own initiative creating the forms system for children to use, I think if the children had been given full docs access the forms homework system would not have come about but it does seem to work.

    I do only work in primary schools which have a unique way of doing things and do not require all the bells and whistles, and keeping things very simple is a must for ks1 children.

    At one of the primaries I am currently looking in to year 6 having full Google apps access, as the local community college has requested all the local schools get the children ready for using Google when they change schools. The local community college has been fully Googled up for almost 4 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryTechnician View Post
    IIRC, under FERPA they are legally forbidden from data mining student information, so they must have the capability to disable that processing for edu accounts. I'd be extremely surprised if they decided to switch it back on for non-US customers just because they don't mention the relevant laws in their ToS or privacy policy.

    Of course, actually getting a straight answer out of Google on this, or anything else, is like trying to get blood from a stone.
    google filing says gmail users have no expectation of privacy

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    Might be wrong on this, but I think the school takes the legal responsibility on behalf the students who are too young to enter such agreements themselves.

    As an aside, how are Google's Ts&Cs, and the practice of forcing children to agree to them in order to do school work, different to any other policy in your school, e.g. the AUP or school behaviour policy? Or even the Windows EULA, come to that.

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