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Cloud Services Thread, Google Apps - How do you? in Technical; Morning all, Can anyone tell me how to disable 'conversation view' for all my gmail users within my google apps ...
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    Google Apps - How do you?

    Morning all,

    Can anyone tell me how to disable 'conversation view' for all my gmail users within my google apps domain?
    Also, How do I configure a theme that all users get when signing into gmail on my domain please?

    All help appreciated.


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    Neither of these options can be set by the administrator in the Google Apps control panel. Last time I checked there was also no API exposure for these settings, so I don't think you'll find a third party app that can do it either.

    One more thing we all have to get used to with consumerisation - we're not allowed to set things up for users any more.
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    We do not do either, it's their emails they set them up how they want them to look not us. Most keep the conversation view once they realise how useful it is anyway and both staff and kids enjoy setting their own themes we've found.

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    Same as Dave.81 after a bit of training we let the users manage their own settings.

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    As others have said, I show them how conversation view works and show them where to turn it off. Most leave it enabled, though.

    A few people have changed their theme, which I'm okay with - it doesn't impact performance or functionality, so let them do what they want to the background. Again, most leave it on the default one as either they don't know how to change it or prefer the cleanliness of it.

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