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Cloud Services Thread, Google Appsfor Education in Technical; Hi Everyone, I have been asked to look into google apps as that is who we have set our new ...
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    Google Appsfor Education

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been asked to look into google apps as that is who we have set our new email system up with,
    I can see when I manage my domain that I can report on users etc... is ther anyay I can see the content of the emails
    that someone has sent as in the report it only comes up with a unique ID and not the actual email itself.

    This is not me being nosey I might add it has been requested by the head and all staff have signed a policy to say
    that these can be investigated.

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    There are several options:

    • If you use SSO then you can setup an admin override to access email, for example the Moodle integration with Google apps allows an admin to log in as a student then access their email.
    • You could have the email forwarded to a local server.
    • You could sign up for Google Vault. It's $10 per user per year, and you only have to pay for Faculty/Staff users. Any students and non-faculty/staff users that you have on your Google Apps account can be archived for free. Retention is unlimited, but you can shorten the retention period to a specific number of days for certain users if you'd like. You can then delegate access rights to staff.

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