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Cloud Services Thread, Office 365 migration from EasyMail in Technical; Hi. I have performed a few Office 365 migration now and each time I have had the individual password of ...
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    Office 365 migration from EasyMail


    I have performed a few Office 365 migration now and each time I have had the individual password of the account that need migrating. Migration goes well but its not good that I know the passwords.

    With a on-premises -> office 365 migration you can specify an admin account so you do not need to know the individual passwords.

    Does anyone know if this is possible with EasyMail? It must be something to do with the csv used for the migration but I have tried many different formats with any luck


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    Not using office 365 but when the mx record get changed for EasyMail you can request the old mails are still available using oldmail.school....

    You can still access and forward emails from the old system if needed.

    Probably not very helpful but thought I would let you know.

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    I did a migration from EasyMail to Live@Edu. I did not find any way to access the EasyMail mailboxes without using the users passwords. I had a migration day where I reset the EasyMail passwords with a CSV files of randomly generated passwords, then fed CSV file with those passwords to the Live@Edu migration tool.

    One thing to watch out for is that EasyMail stores sent items in the "outbox" folder. When these were imported to Live@Edu this folder was hidden by the special "outbox" folder used for outgoing items, and the messages were not accessible at all except if viewed in the "blind and low vision experience" mode.

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