Another reason you shouldn't store important files solely in the cloud. Click the link below for more details.


Here is how to do what it says in the title:

  1. Create a Dropbox for Teams account. This will cost you $795.
  2. Invite your Dropbox-using enemy to your team. They don't have to accept, but it's pretty enticing. 1TB of storage (not just for your folders - for all their stuff!), and you’re paying for it!
  3. Once they accept, revoke their team access. This completely deletes their Dropbox account (not just the "team's" stuff).

Update: About 2 hours after this appeared on HN, I got the following email from Dropbox support. While it seems like the issue is about to be resolved for me, the general design problem still stands: You can still get people’s Dropbox accounts disabled. Also, note this: The team account admin has the power to decide whether you get to have your account re-enabled. While in my case this is fine, the "malicious" case is definitely not resolved.