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Cloud Services Thread, Backup to a friends computer over internet (PC + MAC) in Technical; Hi all, I have set up a server at my house with 6TB worth of storage, im using it as ...
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    Backup to a friends computer over internet (PC + MAC)

    Hi all,

    I have set up a server at my house with 6TB worth of storage, im using it as a nas, app server ect.
    I have crashplan running on this server to backup all my data but would like to backup my pc and my mac to it, i used backup to a computer on crashplan but then realised that crashplan would not back up the backups due to them having the family package, the only way round this would be to by the family or another 2 crashplan subscriptions.

    Does anyone know of any other programs that would let me backup my pc and mac to the server over the internet with minimal costs (preferably free) (I also use my mac at work and at other locations, and would like the live backup that crashplan supply)

    Any ideas?

    Many Thanks,
    Ben Westlake

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    How about setting up rsync over VPN. Loads of info out there on the net and its free.

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    Agreed. RSYNC over VPN would be the best idea. Would be incredibly slow though depending on the size of the things your backing up! Especially if your only going through an ADSL connection.

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    With the recent changes to SkyDrive I decided to stop offering my family backup to my PC/Server over the internet and recommended that they all use SkyDrive to sync their pictures and documents. Does not provide a full backup of the PC and applications, but if it ever failed I would be the one reinstalling the computer so the advice is always:

    This is where you save files which are important (digital camera photos, documents, etc) and they will be automatically synchronised to the "Cloud" for backup. No protection for accidental deletion but thankfully most of my family are fairly computer literate and not prone to those kind of errors


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