We are currently piloting the idea of moving office use and documents to the cloud for our students, all the behind the scenes stuff has been configured and all is looking good however I'm now looking at SharePoint now. The aim is to have students working either in the web based office or local client and saving to the cloud, staff should be able to either view this work or students can share this work with staff.

My question is what is the best practice for setting up a 365 based work area, each user has their own personal documents, could this be the best way allowing uploading to that then asking students to share documents to the required staff?

Would working in a library with views locked to only allow viewing of documents uploaded by that student with a different view for staff showing all content and the ability to search the document library?

How about a library for each department with a similar setup to the above but keeps things more secure possibly with department/subject staff only been able to view that area?

I'd be interested to hear how other cloud goers have structured this or any recommendations you might have.