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Cloud Services Thread, Sharepoint on 365 - Any advice gladly recieved in Technical; OK, so I've set up office 365 for users and its federated servers. SSO needs a bit of tweaking, but ...
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    Question Sharepoint on 365 - Any advice gladly recieved

    OK, so I've set up office 365 for users and its federated servers. SSO needs a bit of tweaking, but I'm sure I'll get that going. Email is working fine, but can I get my head around Share point? Nope!

    Its getting to the stage where i'm seriously considering jumping ship to Google.

    All I need at the moment is the ability to access and store documents online. I don't really need team sites(yet), and I'd like the default view for the moment to be a personal document storage library. Office Apps are available, but only word docs can be created in the team site.

    Are there any pre-configured templates that will let me do this? Failing that, any walkthroughs that will set me on the right path.

    Live@Edu ticked all the boxes. Perhaps there is a SP template to give the same features?

    Anyway, back to my Dummies guide....
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    What issues are you having with SSO?

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    I know the feeling, 365 SP feels so overpowering for what it needs to do... all it needs to provide is a simple file upload and management system i.e. drag and drop along with easy links to email etc.

    What you see out the box is a corporate Sharepoint intranet, the whole thing seems made for the Team Sites than personal storage. It's not a VLE either so seems to sit awkwardly with my other systems.

    MS imo need to simplify the UI or bring in the Metro look somehow so it matches the consumer services. While they're at it increase the storage limits as well. It seems like there's a move to monetize 365 via the development and storage upgrades needed to get a decent looking end product, could backfire if Google then plays on ease of use and setup...

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    There is an. Extremely limited EDU template floating around on the ms UK EDU blogs somewhere. You can also map a drive right into SharePoint but I agree that there there needs to be some templates available. SharePoint is a universal hammer with a million or so buttons and switches. Simple is the opposite of what it is. It has the power to be whatever it is needed to be but relies on every individual individuals school to spend 100 hours plus developing templates to simplify it.

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