Hi, I'm currently setting up Office365 for school.

I've just been told we need to have a blog for the school - still unsure who will be managing/uploading content etc, shall wait to hear on that one.

Is there a simple way of setting up a blog within office365? I assume we'd like multiple users to be able to add content, and obviously public for parents to be able to view.
I've no bloody idea about team site and sharepoint - something i've never looked at before and to tell the truth wasn't even plannong on having it 'switched on' within office365!
I've never set up a blog either.

I've looked at blogger, seems very simple and easy - wishing we opted for google education apps now but there was too much mention here about data eu servers etc, so in theory blogger is ruled out for us anyway?

I just want something easy that which ever staff have to use, and hopefully wont result in constant knocks on the door re how to use it

Anybody point us in the right direction??