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Cloud Services Thread, A few 365 questions from initial testing in Technical; Just set up a new demo account for 365 on Plan A3 and from initial setup my first thoughts \ ...
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    A few 365 questions from initial testing

    Just set up a new demo account for 365 on Plan A3 and from initial setup my first thoughts \ questions...

    • as a user from the welcome screen what's the quickest way to access "My Site" aka cloud based My Documents storage?
    • can the start screen be customised? Oddly on a generic plan P1 demo I set up it had the Word, Excel etc icons on the front screen but this one looks different and only has a link to the Team Site (which has some weird access denied error at the moment)
    • when accessing from home can the login page https://portal.microsoftonline.com be co-branded?
    • if using ADFS how does the login process look from a user's home machine?

    I managed to eventually get the My Files area open in Windows Explorer (you need https://*.sharepointonline.com in your Local Intranet zone or it fails when clicking from the interface)... with a bit of clever coding I reckon this could be worked into a Moodle plugin but needs someone with more coding know-how than me

    Impressions of 365 are that it's a much bigger product than Live@Edu but I think usability suffers for it, seems a bit like overkill in places when compared to the rapidly maturing SkyDrive platform (although I understand the reasons behind the change to a more managed system)

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    I'm just battling the post migration stuff. Now i need to do something with sharepoint.
    You can add a dns entry if you've linked your own domain with the service. Just a CNAME for mail or webmail to point to the service.
    When you register you also get a domain name with them, but i don't know if you can edit DNS on it, if you can it won't be pretty anyway.
    I think from home they just have to login as they normally would using username and password, but don't quote me on that.

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