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Cloud Services Thread, Cost of moving to Live@edu / Office365 in Technical; Hi Guys, Initially when I decided to move my exchange services to cloud, I thought it was going to be ...
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    Cost of moving to Live@edu / Office365

    Hi Guys,

    Initially when I decided to move my exchange services to cloud, I thought it was going to be totally free. I purchased a new domain and registered it wit Live@edu and applied for the early upgrade to office365 (the upgrade will take about a week). I have been told by Microsoft to carry on with the implementation of Live@edu. Now, in order to use OLsync I need to install Forefront Identity Manager 2010 and this comes at a cost + CALs. Did every one had to pay for this or is there a way around it. Will we need FIM 2010 for the office365?

    Help please!

    Thanks in advance

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    No extra pay out here as FIM 2010 was license under our agreement.
    Not moved to office365 yet, however from what I've been told and read office 365 ditches FIM and uses Active Directory Federation Services

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    365 uses AD federation tools built into current versions of Windows server so 2008 or R2

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    Live@edu used FIM which had a special license that didn't require CALs, the cost was quite low.

    Office 365 uses DirSync, a free tool. DirSync is required if you want to use AD FS for single sign-on.

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    'm fairly certain you can just continue using the old fashioned csv import for free (I hope so - I'm not planning to move to ADFS when we migrate to Office365 from Live@edu) - I wanted cloud email so that the potential points of failure weren't at my end!

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    Dirsync is a light version of FIM essentially. It was pushed so that you did not need to use or pay for FIM.

    An integrator will charge you about $6500 AUD (check conversion rate----MS may pay for this I hear!!! If you go to an integrator).
    You will need a certificate of some description and the cost of 2 or 3 servers (and maybe the cost to build a DMZ too).....

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