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CLEO Thread, lancsngfl email service in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); Seems different to how it looked yesterday.... Considering ditching our own exchange server for it. Couple of questions, How to ...
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    Question lancsngfl email service

    Seems different to how it looked yesterday....

    Considering ditching our own exchange server for it.
    Couple of questions,

    How to create email groups?
    -there's a filter for groups on "view/edit email accounts" on the admin site but no obvious way to create them

    Connection via mobile
    tried to connect with android corporate email connector but we weren't sure of the correct inputs.
    Exactly what things do we put in?


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    I heard on the grapevine (or from one of their techs in response to a 'if I wanted to use Google Apps instead of the LancsNGFL email service, how difficult is it to get you to open the relevant ports for my school') that they are currently looking to change to a provider based services (live@edu or Google Apps) at some point in the nearish future so it might be worth while hanging back until they do that. Ok, they would obviously move everything for you, but if it's working for you as things are, it might be worth keeping.

    To answer the question thought:

    Email Groups: You can create on big email address book on the system by clicking the little address book icon to the right of the name in the email admin section, but I've never found a way to actually add people to groups (the way you create is the same way you create an email address but select 'Group' instead of Pupil or Staff).

    Connection via mobile devices: if you have an exchange wizzard on the device then try adding outlook.lancsngfl.ac.uk as the server making sure you use the full email address as the username - that works fine on my iOS devices, but expect to have restrictions put in place on your device (complex passcodes, data deletion if you enter a code too many time incorrectly, etc).

    Failing that, you can follow the IMAP or POP setup for emails as per outlook (LGfL E-mail Service : Microsoft Exchange 2007 : Desktop Client Configuration)

    Hope that helps.
    Andy T

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