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CLEO Thread, Cumbria email with Iphone in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); Hi, Could anyone guide me through the last bit of setting up an Iphone to send through Cumbria schools email? ...
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    Cumbria email with Iphone

    Could anyone guide me through the last bit of setting up an Iphone to send through Cumbria schools email? I can receive ok so have some parts in place. It rejects username/password but in themsleves they are correct as they work through Outlook. We're not using Exchange. I've searched the forums and don't find any reference that is not exchange related. Using T-Mobile/Orange. Using mail.cumbriagfl.org.uk and outgoing port 25.
    Many thanks.

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    My Android phone works with those settings, providing I've ticked the Require Sign-in box because it needs to authenticate to be able to send the mail.

    Would assume there is a similar box on the iPhone?

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    Email settings

    If anyone is interested, I've put a document up here:
    Useful Documents | CICT.org.uk
    Under eMail & MAD & iPod - Set up user Guide (p15 I think).

    The settings should be the same for iPhones, however if it doesn't work it could be getting blocked by your phone carrier. One thing that isn't in the guide (Which I should update) is if you wish to try using the mail without SSL IMAP uses port 143.


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