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CLEO Thread, [guide]Git (through GitHub) and RubyGems through the Proxy in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); After reporting these faults to the westfield they have now been resolved! But getting them through the proxy requires a ...
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    [guide]Git (through GitHub) and RubyGems through the Proxy

    After reporting these faults to the westfield they have now been resolved! But getting them through the proxy requires a couple of little tweaks that its probably useful to have recorded somewhere.

    First off git, by default this uses ssh which of course is blocked, but the good people at github have made it possible to clone repos through a standard http request. There are 2 http versions of a given repo, a HTTP read only version and a HTTPS R/W version.

    The HTTP version is very easy to setup, first off you need to make sure the proxy environment variable is set, do this by issuing this command:

    echo $http_proxy
    if it returns an empty line you will need to set the proxy by issuing this command:

    export http_proxy="http://proxy.lancsngfl.ac.uk:8080"
    Once the proxy has been set you can clone a repo by issuing this command

    git clone http://github.com/<USER>/<REPO>.git
    Where <USER> is the repo owner and <REPO> is the repository name.

    But what if you are the repo owner or a comiter? then you probably want the ability to commit from within school, this is in-theory capable with the HTTPS version of the repo but i havent got it working on any of my machines but I will edit this post when I do.

    RubyGems works entirely over HTTP but unlike git it doesn't use the environment variable for the proxy. instead you have to define it on the run line

    gem install --http-proxy http://proxy.lancsngfl.ac.uk:8080 <GEM>
    This method doesn't work to well when you need to authenticate to use the proxy server, in this case see section 2.3 here

    if you get this error:

    ERROR: While executing gem ... (Zlib:ataError)
    incorrect header check
    Simply re-issue the command, it can take a few tries but it will work

    That about covers it, i was able to install rails + a few other gems and then use the http url to clone a repo to the local machine.
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