Im developing a rails app that i would like to use in most schools. Some of them don't have a Linux box or a server powerfull enough to run a VM so ive turned my attention to the NEDs,

Basically i would need to install:
  • ruby
  • rubygems
  • Rails (Through Ruby Gems)
  • Image Magick
  • RMagick

These should be relatively easy to install on most linux distros (not sure which is in use on the NEDs). An apache extension will also be needed to run the app on port 80, and remove the need to start it up with the NED.

The source is at: Arcath's rWallpaper at master - GitHub
Although at the moment it is in very early development and require quite a bit of work before its up to being used domain wide. Im just trying to get an idea of how many of my schools could use it.