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CLEO Thread, ssh access to external locations in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); Ive long known that ssh doesnt work, and i know its not a prot block, as i can send http ...
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    ssh access to external locations

    Ive long known that ssh doesnt work, and i know its not a prot block, as i can send http requests on a non standard port and recive the ssh version number.

    but today i've started work on a little programming project and my usual first step is to create a git repository and start the project with an empty README, lets me be sure that git is working and that it will publish to github properly.

    Aside from allowing me to work in multiple locations and keep track of changes/versions it makes it very easy for people to get a copy of the latest version.

    It wasnt till i reached the first commit point and i was generating the ssh keys for my test machine that i realised that i woulnt be able to commit as it used ssh to send the files.

    Is it possible to have a "whitelist" of allowed ssh hosts?

    just for referance im trying to push changes to GitHub and An example git repository

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