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CLEO Thread, Exchange connection using iPhone & RPC over HTTP in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); Hi, I have a few teachers wanting to use iPhone on the move with their email - IMAP works fine ...
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    Exchange connection using iPhone & RPC over HTTP

    I have a few teachers wanting to use iPhone on the move with their email - IMAP works fine for emails but they need to syncronise calendars. This would also be useful for Outlook.

    I have got it to make a connection so that it appears in the 'devices' section of OWA, but it wont sync. The iPhone comes up with "connection to the server failed".

    Not really made any attempt with Outlook/RPC over HTTP.

    Has anyone got the correct settings to get either working?


    EDIT: Posted in CLEO as its specific to lancsngfl mail settings.
    EDIT2: Think im only missing the domain\user info. Ive seen it somewhere but cant remember where! Something like "LANCS\<schoolnumber>-<email user>" eg LANCS\02102-f.james
    EDIT3: Found it in owa->options->change password-> "LANCSSCH\<school number>-<username>" - this still doesnt work in iphone settings, it activates and says update completed at <date> but when you try to retrieve mail it fails to connect.
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    Frazer, I've got it working over my iphone,

    The Settings are as follows,


    It will ask for a passcode, this is a bit of a pain, as its a setting on the exchange server, with LCC is running, I would put the email password, and it can be set to only ask after 1 hour,

    But be warned if entered wrong more then 8 times it will erase exhange mail on the iphone.

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