I have been asked to arrange a meeting for all Lancashire High school Techies to discuss CLEO/LGFL projects that are in the pipeline and hold an open forum for any problems you may be finding in school with cleo/lgfl/moodle. The meeting will be held at Lancs College next to Woodlands on the 8 Dec 08 from 13:00hrs to approx 16:00hrs (refreshments provided).

To introduce myself I am Chris Knight a senior engineer at the westfield centre. A lot of schools probably know me from installing servers to the admin sides of the networks and from helpdesk. I will be bringing a couple of people from within the centre to answer questions on cleo and moodle. There are only 40 places available and I am hitting all Heads and It Coords through the portal asking for people to be released.

If you are interested in attending you will need to book on by either emailing myself chris.knight@westfield.lancsngfl.ac.uk or phoning the Westfield Call Centre and asking for course bookings or using the automatic reply attached to the letter through the portal.

Any questions or queries please email me.

Thanks Chris