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CLEO Thread, Are things getting better? in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); Logged a call on Monday Morning about a school having no Anti Virus (following a server install by OCL in ...
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    Are things getting better?

    Logged a call on Monday Morning about a school having no Anti Virus (following a server install by OCL in June 2013), just had my first contact back from them.... is that an improvement at all on response times?

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    Not too bad, I emailed them on Monday about a SIMS Remote Upgrade issue (as SIMS support is all we use them for now), they called back yesterday, but even this morning seems quite good for them...

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    we had an issue where schools still with them couldn't email us since we moved to our new internet provider as it kept bouncing back the emails. This was also on Monday, suddenly yesterday i started to receive the back log of emails sent to me and i hadn't even got around to reporting it!!!!!!!

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