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CLEO Thread, Tech support 2 or 3 in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); Hello, Just thought id post this here to get some opinions. Im currently on an ICT Support 2 scale but ...
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    Tech support 2 or 3


    Just thought id post this here to get some opinions.

    Im currently on an ICT Support 2 scale but out of a team of three there is the network manager an apprentice and me. I am in charge of support for two primary school and soon to be supporting a third in sept and this is my responsibility only.

    I also have other responsibilities in my main post such as hardware management and printing supplies. I also train the apprentice on the PA system.

    I think i am on the wrong scale and should be upped to ICT Support 3?

    Does anybody else do support for primary schools? What level of support are you?

    Is this in the job description of tech 3?

    I look forward to your replies


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    You need to get copies of the appropriate job descriptions. If you are not private, the LA should supply them and the school will not know about it.
    I used mine to get put up to senior from basic tech - I produced a spreadsheet with all the things listed in each job desc, right up to NM, and ticked off the ones I did.
    Actually I do all the NM's job bar managing a budget and a person - but at least I did get put up a grade!
    Good luck

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