Have just upgraded my gf's phone so this is now longer needed.
Purchased December 2010 so just over 12 months old.

Phone is unlocked as she has been using it on 02 since she has had it.
It has been rooted and is currently running the latest version of Ginger StirFry 2.3.5

All her data has been wiped so it is ready for the new user.

It has a tiny chip out of the top corner of the plastic (will add photo if anyone is interested), no idea how she managed this! but the screen is fully responsive and the phone works fine.

The phone is boxed and comes with a 2GB micro SD card and charger.
The charger has a small piece of electrical tape on it but is in fully working order.

I am also including an UNSUED / UNREGISTERED Orange sim card which I THINK has 10 credit on it as you had to purchase this with the phone originally. HOWEVER i cannot guarantee that this 10 credit is on the card but its no good to me.

Will upload some more images if anyones interested