74900 miles (at time of listing)
11 months test
5 months tax

All round electric windows
Electric folding mirrors
Automatic rain-sensing wipers
Cruise Control
Power steering
All round disc brakes
Dual climate control (driver and passenger can have different temperatures!)
Heaters in rear
Two keys (one the flip-out type)
Steering wheel reach and height adjust
Lumbar support
Front driving lamps
Enhanced radio and CD Player (radio shows station and the song playing)
Trip computer
Remote central locking
Remote boot opening
Door locking and child locks, rear window locking control switches on driver's console
Fold down centre console armrest (with cup holders) in rear
Alloys with locking wheel nuts

Lovely, clean condition inside. Non pet owner, non smoker.
Service history with book stamped and various service receipts.
Excellent MPG - will do 54mpg without even trying, and will exceed that on motorway runs.

I bought this car as a project after selling my old 307 diesel. Other than working in a school I'm a freelance Peugeot diagnostics expert, specialising in the 307. I own the diagnostic equipment that Peugeot dealers use and offer a service where I visit Pug owners and diagnose their car's problems for just £25, giving a full breakdown of any issues rather than just a generic code read, and then offer advice on self-repair.

This car was for sale at a local garage I do diagnostic work for. It had been purchased by a customer but he pulled out after it suddenly showed the anti-pollution warning and DPF (diesel particulate filter) regeneration problems that can occasionally plague these cars, and had a couple of other minor issues that I fancied tackling - as much as I like helping out others I erally enjoy working on cars, as I used to be a mechanical engineer many years ago. Having the diagnostic software means I know which parts are faulty and I can source and fit them myself!

Its had the following done, at a cost of around £600.
The parts will also be guaranteed:

New radiator fan, relay and wiring loom
New EGR valve
Turbo banjo union pipe and filter clean and replacement
New heavy duty drive belt
New glow plugs
New wipers
New air, fuel, pollen, and oil filters and fully synthetic oil change
Diesel particulate filter top up, clean and counters reset

I've also fixed the common fault where the dashboard reports a brake light fault (caused by a bad earth on the rear light cluster), the tyre pressure sensors have been sorted (was giving false readings of a flat tyre) and all engine pipes have been removed and cleaned.

I've owned and worked on Peugeots for years, and am very active on the Peugeot user groups, so you can be sure I won't be selling you rubbish and then disappearing. I had planned to keep this car for myself, making my commute as pleasurable as possible but I've recently got a new job far closer to home and its better for me to jump on the train and go two stops, so the car just isn't going to get much daily use, if any. I've often gone from one Peugeot to another make of car, then quickly switched back! I've owned a couple of 205s, a 307 and three 306s in my driving lifetime, and will be keeping the diagnostic equipment (unless a generous offer is made with the car!) and continuing to offer diagnostics services around the Merseyside and Cheshire area.

Being a 7 year old car though, it does have the odd scratch and trolley ding, but nothing major or detrimental to the car. It also had the common radio display fault where it looks a little faded, but I should point out this only usually happens if direct sunlight has been on it all day long. It returns to normal if you turn it off by pressing the DARK button, or turn on the air con to cool on the central console vents for a few minutes. It otherwise looks crisp and sharp as you can see in the picture, and hasn't done it for over a week or two now - probably because the weather has gone a little cooler.

Everything else with the car is great, tyres are all well known makes and have plenty of tread, brakes and steering are all good, it sailed through it's MOT in July, and is a wonderful drive - smooth, quiet and luxurious.

Considering the amount of work done and all the usual faults have now been corrected I think £2895 very fair asking price. If you're in the market for a 407 then ask yourself (and the seller) if these problems have been sorted and when they were done. If not you could be looking at spending another few hundred getting them done (and believe me, they will need doing sooner or later), but don't take my word for it - have a look on the Peugeot forums. You'll often find people have bought a car and then discovered these problems and need help, or have spent hundreds getting them fixed at a garage.

These cars easily fetch over £3000 (I bet this is the only one listed under £3000 with this level of detail and work done), and this is worth every penny of the asking price because of the remedial work done.

It also had a full tank of fuel put in on Sunday, so at the time of listing there was about £80 worth of diesel in it, which should easily do 700 miles. But this will go down as I use the car, so be quick!