Got a ML110 G4 which was upgraded from the standard 512Mb to 4Gb (4x1Gb) for sale here.

The machine has hardly been used in the 3 and a bit year's I've had it. Recently been used for a bit of VM testing but no surplus to requirements and I need to the money to be honest plus I have a G5 which is enough for me.

The hard drive with it is a 160Gb one from what I can see but I am a little reluctant to sell with it in (never keen on getting rid with drives in).

So the price you ask me looking at £250 ono, all in good working order, contact me if interested.

I will be travelling next Friday from Northern Lincolnshire to High Wycombe down the M1/M40 and will be around the High Wycombe area on the Saturday and travelling back up on the Sunday the same way so will be willing to bring it with me and meet up some where in the vicinity or stop on way there/back and meet to swap rather than post. The only place I will not go to is London, I will be avoiding at all cost!!

So come one come bargain with me and ask me all the questions you want.