Peugeot 307 LX
2001 - 51 plate
2.0hdi (cheaper tax bracket - £105 a year?)
AC, EW, RCL, ABS, PAS, steering column operated stereo
103,000 miles (I've done around 20,000 of them)
Tested until September 2011
Taxed until end of year
Service history
Recent front tyres
Recent rear brake pads
New injectors
New glow plugs
Front pads and discs fitted around April 2010
ABS sensors thoroughly cleaned and serviced (common Peugeot issue)

I bought this earlier this year and use it daily for work. Its an 80 mile round trip on the motorway at peak periods where it is impossible to do more than 50 mph. As stated above, I've done around 20,000 miles and its barely missed a beat. Other than whats listed above I've replaced an exhaust bracket and water temperature sensor. As I'm completely dependent on it for work (2.5 hour commute by public transport!) I've kept it meticulously serviced.

But now its passed the 100k threshold I want to replace it with something a little larger (was a tad small for camping with four people for a week earlier this year) and with less mileage, probably a Focus diesel with the heated front screen, just to make the commute a little more bearable in Winter.

I'm not sure of the going rate, they seem to vary greatly, so I'll say £1900 ONO. It's not the top of the range GLX model, but the next one down, so its very comfortable (the armrests are a godsend!) and in lovely condition. Its also got roof bars and a Sony bluetooth stereo, but I'll probably remove the stereo and re-fit the standard Peugeot one.

I'll wash it and grab some pics this weekend.