HP ProLiant ML330 G3

Intel Xeon Processor 2.8 GHz/533-512KB (HT Technology)
2.8Gb of RAM (DDR\ECC)
2x 34Gb SCSI Drives (RAID1\10,000rpm)
1GB NIC (Built-In)


HP Ultrium 1 SCSI LTO1 Tape Drive
(Colour White\Note I have put\installed this into the server)

Detailed Spec:

* Two USB ports
* ROM Based Setup Utility (RBSU) and PXE support
* ServerWorks GC-SL Chipset with 533-MHz Front Side Bus
* 512-KB second level ECC cache standard (full speed)
* MAX RAM Support expandable to 4 GB
* Four total I/O slots; three available in SCSI models
* 64-Bit/33MHz, 3.3v PCI
* NC7760 PCI Gigabit Server Adapter (embedded)
* Integrated Single Channel Wide Ultra3 SCSI Adapter in a PCI slot (SCSI Models)
* Integrated ATI Rage XL with 8MB SDRAM video
* 300W Power Supply


MS Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition (SP2\Updates)

-:Please Note:-

I was given this server a few weeks ago, I really have no need for it now, in very good condition, been in a datacentre for a few years I was told, looks brand new in side case!! It comes with a LTO1 Tape Drive I put in, no marks on case, I've also take the floppy disk drive out (who uses them these days?!)

I've even tested MS Windows Server 2008 on this box and runs really along side Backup Exec 12.5.

No CD's come with this case, No COA on case.

Im after about £180 ish for this.