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Classified Adverts Thread, 30 Apple iMac G3 in Purchasing and Trading; We have about thirty iMacs, all were working when decommissioned, that we'd like to pass on to someone who could ...
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    30 Apple iMac G3

    We have about thirty iMacs, all were working when decommissioned, that we'd like to pass on to someone who could get some use from them.

    The entire IT suite was kitted out with them so I'm assuming that they're all the same spec. I've picked one out at random and fired it up to get the details:

    Machine ID: 406
    Processor: PowerPC G3
    Speed: 400Mhz
    Hard drive: 10Gb
    CD/DVD drive: slot loading DVD drive
    Memory: 128 / 256Mb (the model pictured has 512Mb)
    Colours: Various

    They come with power cable, keyboard, mouse, modem cable, restore / install discs (OS9.2) and instructions.

    As far as they go, they're pretty good. I've put Opera and Corel Wordperfect on one and they run great.

    I've also got a huge collection of Mac books and software to go with it.

    They'd need to be collected from Cheshire, we're not far from J20 of the M6.

    Any interest, please PM me.

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    sweeeet surely collectable someday.... I don't suppose you'd send one to little old me will give you the monies for postage..

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    echo the above...

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