Just in case somones in need of some basic transport

Selling my old Astra - I've run it every day for past 15 months since I bought it off next door neighbour but bought a smaller car for my daughter to learn to drive in.

It has intermittant charging fault since Xmas and I just charge it every night and it gets me around all day no prob. I was going to fix it once the weather gets warm

Sometimes cuts out once engines hot when you stop - has always restarted by putting foot to floor and turning engine over. (Seems to be be when tank is low !)

Taxed and MOTd till August.

Its on eeebygum
1993 VAUXHALL ASTRA MERIT I WHITE on eBay, also, Vauxhall Opel, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 01-Apr-09 11:52:55 BST)