Primarily for sale as I can't honestly think of anything I need that I could trade them for, but I have a couple of 02 XDA Execs for sale, now that my wife and I have our new phones sorted.

Spec: O2 XDA Exec (HTC Universal) Specs | Technical Specifications | - Comprehensive Database of PDA, PDA Phone, PNA & Smartphone Specifications

Both are pretty much identical, unlocked, boxed and running the last official WM5 firmware that O2 released. Included are mains charger, two stylus, and user guide. I'll include the latest version of MS Activsync on CD with each.

Both have been in use for about two years so should not be expected to be in brand-new condition. However, neither have any significant marks or damage, screens are fine and I've spent some time cleaning them up. Both have had new batteries in the last year. I should say though that neither of them retain their stylus reliably.

I am looking for £80 BT or £85 Paypal each inc.

I also have a Holox BT-321 bluetooth GPS receiver that I used with my XDA Exec. Just pair it and install your preferred sat-nav software. No charger with it but any USB charger or lead will do it.

£20 BT or £22 Paypal, knock off £5 if sold with one of the phones.

Please don't make any silly offers as if they don't go here I'll list them on ebay.

Do NOT offer me:

DS, PS2, PSP, Archos, Xbox, Xbox360, Wii, laptops or phones.

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