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Classified Adverts Thread, Smartboards Or Servers in Purchasing and Trading; Hi all, Our network currently consists of 400+ machines which run off our 2x HP DL360 G5 3.3GB Ram, one ...
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    Smartboards Or Servers

    Hi all,
    Our network currently consists of 400+ machines which run off our 2x HP DL360 G5 3.3GB Ram, one also has developed a problem with its NIC
    Does anyone have anything better they may be disposing off?
    We are also looking for Smartboards to replace our 10 year old RM Classboards.

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    I was wondering if you have sorted your smartboards now?
    I work for a school in Hertfordshire and we have around 30ish boards which we do not need, they are smart board 680's we also have projectors for them as well. Depending on how many you want I could probably do a deal.



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    Hi @antlear. I might be interested in the Smartboards. Last week a teacher overheard me telling a salesman that we're not interested in interactive touch screens at the minute, but might be when our Smartboards break and we get some money. Apparently they are already broken!! Shame no one mentioned it to me. I regularly test them, but I just calibrate them when I clean the projectors and check that the pens work. I asked all of the teachers in a a staff meeting if anyone else was having problems and they all do. The boards are becoming less and less accurate and now go out of calibration within a few minutes of being set and are now so bad that they can't model handwriting or use interactive features. As it's been a gradual decline and they're 10 years old, I guess they are failing rather than software / firmware problems.

    Sorry, more than you needed to know... Just had to get it off my chest as I'm very annoyed. Anyway, back to topic. How old are they and did any of your teachers mention problems before you took them out? Just wondering why they're available if they're still in good condition - BSF by any chance? I'll also have to do classroom surveys as we've got the 560's at the minute which are quite a bit smaller, so need to check that they'll fit.

    Oh, an an idea of price would be good please PM me if you'd rather not share.


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