I have 2x Cisco 851w routers for sale.

They have come from my work place, I have used them at home - tested and working, however there are 2 issues, 1 with each.

Issue with Router 1 - if the device overheats, it restarts itself (I have given it a thorough clean out though, and has not happened whilst it has been in my care).
Issue with Router 2 - the power clip where you plug into is missing, however the pins are still there. The device boots up and powers up without issue if you plug it in even without this clip - to fix this, you would need to unscrew it, add a new housing, screw it back together, costing maybe £5 and 10 minutes of time.

They do not have the aerials, as they were lost by the company a little while back, but the network ports on them work fine. Also, I only have 1 powercable between the 2 devices, and no serial cable (courtesy of my cat deciding to chew through it).

To my knowledge, they have been flashed with the latest firmware and latest FLASH available for them (the FLASH from the cisco site matches the one on the routers), and both work fine.

Ebay has similar items used, refurbished and new for between £75-£200, so I would be looking at £50 each, or £75 for both (with £10 for insured P&P).

I am open to offers, so feel free to either PM me, or message on here.