We have a load of HP Jet Direct units which are about to be chucked out as we have no use for them. They have been stored for about 4 years. If anyone is interested we can post them to you:

-JetDirect 170x (10mbit ethernet, parallel port, power supply) 5 posted. Approx 10 available
-JetDirect 300x (10/100mbit ethernet, parallel port, power supply) 10 posted. 2 available.
-JetDirect EX+3 (10mbit ethernet, 3 parallel ports, power supply) - shares 3 printers or allows a printer pool to be created. 10 posted
-Additional PSUs - 5 posted. 3 available.

Items asset tagged. Config password provided.
Cost is to cover courier postage, can be paid by PayPal to our own school account.