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Budgets and Expenditure Thread, FE College's - ratio of PC's to staff in School Administration; I suppose this isn't really a budget question, but closest matching forum I could find. We're currently doing some work ...
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    FE College's - ratio of PC's to staff

    I suppose this isn't really a budget question, but closest matching forum I could find.

    We're currently doing some work looking at the number of PC's we provide in teaching staff staff rooms, I've been asked to try and find out what other institutions do, i.e. does every staff member get a PC, or do you work on some sort of ratio system i.e. 2 PC's per 3 staff etc...

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    every teaching room has a teachers PC, and every office has at least 1 pc, if a department (ie PE) does not use pcs for teaching we provide extra in the department office. We have 2 staff rooms with 6 pcs in one 3 in the other with printing facilities. we have about 300 staff.

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    We have a staffroom and also what we call a staff work area with the use of 3 computers and a HP colour laserjet 4600.

    This is what the staff asked for and they have not complained as they wanted the staffroom totally free from IT or any other form of digital devices.

    We are only a mid sized secondary school with 780 students and around 50 teaching staff but this seems to work quite well.

    All our classrooms have a computer in attached to IWBs and the teachers have laptops so this is also another reason why they only asked for 3 computers in the staff work area.


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