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BSF Thread, The Eleventh Hour... in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Yesterday we got news that the LA had issued closure notices on both my High School and the one up ...
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    The Eleventh Hour...

    Yesterday we got news that the LA had issued closure notices on both my High School and the one up the road and that a new school was to be built as an Academy

    No one other than the LA wanted this, however they went with it anyway..

    In the process of all this, the other school submitted an application for Academy status..
    This was being considered by the DfE.. The LA were supposed to wait for the outcome before issuing the closure notices but decided to issue them anyway..

    Today, much to everyone's surprise the DfE granted the application for Academy Status!

    This has effectively killed the merger of the schools and nullified the Closure Notices, which the HT received today and duly ripped it up!

    We now have to wait to find out what happens with our school (New build with x amount of places or Nothing at all..)

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    Harsh, that doesn't sound good putting you in a position not knowing what will come about.

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