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    As an employee you have to be mindful that the vendor you work for pays your bills.

    LA representatives are mindful that they in part created the situation, so are unlikely to go shouting about it.

    Schools generally just want it to work, and have to work with the LA and LEP partners day to day, so try to keep any mud slinging behind closed doors.

    Then there are the NDA's that those who are in the know would have signed to get 'in the know'. The TUPEd tech staff generally do not 'need to know', and so actually have a pretty similar view as the teachers, thus any posting would be hearsay. When some of the companies involved were chasing £3Bn+ of business, you have to be absolutely sure of your facts before you do anything like criticise them in public. Indeed I suspect EduGeek would cave pretty quickly if a large vendor felt its business was threatened by the content of a post, even if it were true and justified and evidenced.

    That said it it would be interesting to hear what was really going on. If I still cared about BSF. Which I don't. So it isn't. Why am I here again?

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    Nobody Expects The Managed Service

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