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BSF Thread, BSF and Microsoft in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Are Microsoft bidding for any of the managed service contracts in schools?...
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    BSF and Microsoft

    Are Microsoft bidding for any of the managed service contracts in schools?

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    Re: BSF and Microsoft

    They don't need to bid themselves, MS role is to advice LEA's and form partnerships with bidders (to ensure a MS monopoly for future generations)

    heres a list of MS BSF partners:


    Capita Management Information Systems (MIS) provides a holistic solution to schools’ use of data, supporting back-office needs, together with learning and teaching. SIMS Learning Gateway offers a new capability for students, staff and parents to access relevant pupil data. A new range of BSF products reflect the emerging BSF agenda to share data more widely, and concepts of federations between schools. We also provide a robust arrangement for sharing data between schools and local authorities, supporting the Children’s Services Agenda.

    * Visit the Capita website


    Having been in the education market for over 20 years, Centerprise International is strongly positioned as one of the leading ICT companies in the BSF market. Our unique approach to the BSF programme sees Centerprise take the role of ‘technology integrator’; providing the interface not only with the authority, but also with the consortia members for construction, freelance management and education and the different technology partners needed to ensure a successful transformation of the education experience.

    * Visit the Centerprise website


    By combining the Citrix® Access Platform with Microsoft SharePoint and Office Solutions you are now able to provide your students, teachers, faculty and administrators with seamless, secure access to all their education resources. You can give them access to the information they need, when they need it, be it instructional and administrative applications or the knowledge required to enable continuous learning. Integrating Microsoft SharePoint with the Citrix Access Suite™ will provide secure access to all education resources through one single point of access via any device, at any location, over any connection – including low-bandwidth and wireless.

    * Visit the Citrix website


    ICT is key to transforming the learning environment. Civica has served the education sector for 15 years, supplying more than 50 Local Education Authorities’ representing over 5,000 schools. Together with Microsoft, Civica has developed a Managed Learning Environment (MLE) foundation for Building Schools for the Future, designed to transform delivery of the curriculum, improve efficiency and productivity for teachers and help increase student attainment. From a menu of services, Civica offers a complete solution from electronic registration and cashless catering to library management and student portals.

    * Visit the Civica website

    Enterprise MPC

    Enterprise MPC provides an expert approach to transformational learning, bonding education and ICT into one coherent offering. We have specialist consultants to develop educational and ICT visioning strategies. Our construction, design and facilities management teams create flexible learning spaces which meet the current opportunities for learning. Learning Portal Plus provides immediate access to a rich learning environment, opening the way for change management. Our specialist technicians, with over 50 years of PFI projects provide networking, hardware and software solutions.

    * Visit the Enterprise website


    The Nisai Group specialises in elearning technology and pedagogy. Its clients include local authorities, universities and FE colleges. The company provides learning platforms based on the Microsoft Learning Gateway, customised interfaces designed to give intuitive access to online workspaces, teacher training on using learning platforms, consultancy on pedagogy using technology, personalised elearning, courses an qualifications for disaffected and out of school learners, and utility pricing for learning platforms.

    * Visit the Nisai website

    Nord Anglia Education

    Nord Anglia Education plc is a leading provider of education, training and childcare. The company delivers quality learning experiences to people at every stage of their lives through our three divisions: nurseries, international schools and learning services. Our Learning Services Division works in close partnership with a wide-range of public-funded bodies to deliver services including project managing academies, elearning platforms, Ofsted inspections, school and LEA improvement, vocational and academic training and Connexions and other advisory services to young people and adults.

    * Visit the Nord Anglia website


    With over 25 years' experience working in the education market, Northgate Education is the second largest provider of ICT managed services to schools in the UK and provides services to every school in Northern Ireland through Classroom 2000 (C2K). Northgate Education is client focused in its development of innovative managed services and managed learning environments, working in partnership with C2K and BSF to design, implement and support ICT in schools that meets the particular needs of each school both today, and in the future.

    * Visit the Northgate website


    BSF means educational transformation - and that requires a partner who understands the way students learn and teachers work, ICT's impact on schools, educational outcomes and how to support partnerships to deliver the key educational strategic objectives. Ramesys equips UK education with ICT solutions in pursuit of elearning excellence. Supporting over 16,000 schools, LEAs and RBCs, Ramesys has over 20 years' experience delivering its award-winning 'Assimilate' learning platform, application integration, infrastructure and managed services and rich digital educational content from market-leading organisations.

    * Visit the Ramesys website


    Redstone’s approach to BSF builds upon the company’s heritage in two industries: education and construction. Redstone has been providing innovative technology services to the Education community for almost 20 years and is the market leader in integrating building technologies over data networks. Using MLG we create an Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) for the BSF schools, enabling them to transform their delivery of education, their administrative processes, to work in a collaborative fashion, to engage the wider stakeholder community, and to turn the school into a learning tool. This is achieved through the provision of a single data network infrastructure that is then utilised by other applications including telephony, CCTV, access control, smart card technologies and biometrics, cashless catering and building management systems.

    * Visit the Redstone website


    RM believes that ICT should be at the heart of Building Schools for the Future because it can combine technology and the creative use of space to deliver a truly flexible and transformational learning environment. RM is committed to improving the life chances of young people and with 30 years’ experience, we are the leading provider of world-class strategic ICT software, services and infrastructure solutions based on the needs of teachers and students in the classroom.

    * Visit the RM website


    Serco, a FTSE 250 company, is a leading private sector education and children's services Partner. We provide integrated consultancy, project management, managed services, software applications and ICT solutions. We support organisations ranging from over 100 local authorities to over 1,000 schools in the delivery of their vital change management agenda, working for example in close partnership with Bradford and Walsall LEAs. Together with all of our partners we deliver demonstrable, sustainable school improvement and ultimately the capacity to transform schools.

    * Visit the Serco website


    With over 15 years of experience, specifically in the education marketplace, Teksys understands the importance of delivering ICT solutions that are future proofed for evolution creating 21st century teaching and learning. Our reputation and pedigree are illustrated through our five key Microsoft Gold competency awards – Advanced Infrastructure Solutions, Networking Infrastructure Solutions, Security, Information Worker and Licensing Solutions – offering the highest available level of expertise and experience demonstrating why Teksys continues to be one of Microsoft’s leading suppliers for delivering fully managed learning environments.

    * Visit the Teksys website


    Tribal is a leading provider of professional support and consultancy services, with a number one position in several of our markets. We help a wide range of clients – over 2,500 in the public sector alone – to improve the quality of their services to customers. We provide a full-range of services to support both local authorities and bid consortia in the implementation of BSF projects. We offer integrated consultancy, ICT and design services focused on educational transformation and management of change.

    * Visit the Tribal education website


    Viglen is a proven service provider to the schools market with approvals from government agencies including Becta, DfES, United Learning Trust and Catalist (formerly GCAT). Our successes in delivering multi-vendor, multi-million pound solutions have been the platform for our BSF and Academies programme. In partnership with key UK, ICT educational suppliers, Viglen is actively engaging in the BSF process as a prime contractor for ICT only bids and in consortia with construction companies.

    * Visit the Viglen website

    VT Communications

    VT’s business is broad and varied, including education, careers, ICT, communications, infrastructure and facilities management. Education is core to VT’s business. VT is one of the UK’s top three integrated service providers wholly concerned with curriculum led ICT and educational consultancy, managed service provision and the design, build and operation of ICT infrastructure, software and equipment. VT is fully committed to education and the BSF programme. Specific to education, VT has established commercial relationships with LEP consortia and a robust tier one supply chain.

    * Visit the VT website


    MS also do some consultancy [.doc] for LEA's.

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