The second try in bedfordshire was in fact just for Bedford itself, but has now been stopped as the county council (them trying to get it through) are being dismantled and replaced by two unitary authorities who don't want to annoy the electorate. It is possible the Bedford Borough will take a poll of parents again when they take over schools, but that won't be until next year. As for county trying to push it through before hand, it seems unlikely as all county decisions that affect long term strategy for the unitary councils have to be passed through the new councils implementation committees. Yes that's three committees that must agree to something before anyone can do it, and it was hard enough with one!

As for BSF an middles I'm not sure, as a school about to go academy, we have a different set of goals, and it will be expected that the academy sets up for two tier education, even in the three tier system. Initially this may be by including a middle school in the new build, and effectively operating two schools from one campus, or simply extending the building programme depending on what the unitary decides nearer the time.