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BSF Thread, North West News Today in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Originally Posted by GrumbleDook Sorry, but this has happened. Teachers in schools going to trust or academy status also get ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrumbleDook View Post
    Sorry, but this has happened. Teachers in schools going to trust or academy status also get involved in major changes of contracts and the discussions get very nasty. The whole attitude of the martyr that some people have seem to forget that it happens to others too. This is why I go on about how disappointing the lack on union involvement is. Perhaps we should just admit that teachers have better unions than support staff.
    I've no doubt about that, I have heard of schools where everyone has had to reapply for their jobs, but with BSF it doesn't so there is no worries for them. This isn't a them against us issue, it is just so far from the average teachers thought that they have no clue. Whereas inversely most teacher issues effect support staff either because they are effected as well or because the solution means passing on work (12 tasks, rarely cover etc)

    I can say though, the instant it comes up here I'm getting the Union involved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpuffMonkey View Post
    I believe that workplace toilets MUST be gender segregated and that staff & students should have separate facilities.
    I cannot comment about your first point, but technically they are seperate facilities, they just happen to be physically adjacent with no restrictions (at present) to prevent either set of users using either set of facilities.

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