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BSF Thread, BSF! in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Hi Guys, Just wanted to see if anybody has experienced a scenario like this before? BSF has been given the ...
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    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to see if anybody has experienced a scenario like this before? BSF has been given the go ahead for my school next September and my contract ends next September. I am an apprentice and I will have finished my apprenticeship in this time. I know I am in a two year contract with my job and should have expected for the worst when I took it on, but in 99% of cases, apprentices are kept on. Am I wrong by anything I feel? Or does anybody know what the chances are of me being employed by the contracted which is sub contracted by BSF. Next September I should be CCNA Qualified - how easy will this get me employment?


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    In reality it will vary from school to school, BSF wave to wave. I hate to say it but unless you get confirmation beforehand that you have a permanent post then the new service within BSF will not have your post. Only permanent positions are likely to be moved over. There is not requirement to keep you on after your two year contract anyway and even though the school may feel some loyalty to you, the MSP owes you nothing. It is quite likel ythat you will stand a good chance of being interviewed for post which come up, but that is if any posts do come up and are not just a case of techie from school B gets moved across to school A because there is a gap that can be filled from an 'over-staffed' school.

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