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    beyond buildings procuring BSF sustainably

    The Westminster Sustainable Business Forumís report, Beyond Buildings- Procuring BSF Sustainability, provides a health-check of the Building Schools for the Future programme, assessing its environmental, social and financial sustainability and making a range of policy recommendations for the future.

    press release ..

    'Worrying Signs' Government's School Building Programme Could Miss 'Zero-Carbon' Target | Yacht Vacations & Charters

    This panel of MP's etc have made the attached recommendations

    Information and Communication Technology
    24: PfS must ensure that procurement is structured to promote innovation in ICT. This may involve promoting different procurement strategies for ICT depending on the authority.
    25: DCSF and HM Treasury must move away from a strictly capital approach to ICT and ring-fence funding for change management and CPD for schools to allow them to better identify what they want, and to ensure that potential benefits of new technology are realised.
    26: PfS must encourage schools to take a more balanced approach to the application of service levels around the innovative components of an ICT bid.
    27: PfS must make it a requirement that as part of the managed service the ICT provider must work with the school to reduce the energy usage of ICT in schools.
    looks like innovation and energy efficiency will be high up the agenda but most telling is

    22: BSF must retain its commitment to delivering quality rather than focusing on lowest cost.

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